Gahil’s Love

Gahil’s Love is a novelette which has been published on Amazon and is available by links below.  Here is a sneaky preview of the prologue:


He stared down the cliff face, the wind blowing the tears into his eyes before they could touch his cheeks. Years had passed since he last looked down to the town called Gahil, but back then he was considerably younger. His now grey-white hair was then brown, his wrinkles were smooth, and his teeth were a full set. He remembered the streets as though he’d lived there yesterday, and they looked almost exactly as he remembered them. There was the odd building set differently, and the clock tower had a nicer face on it, but generally it was perfect. Now it was all a distant memory, and one which brought little bliss or comfort. When he saw Gahil, the memories of happier times faded away, and the heartache flooded over him like poison. He stared away for a moment to compose himself.

He sat down atop the ridges, watching the bells swing to and fro in the open bell-towers. The sun was just beginning to rise, the golden peaks plummeting into the sky and colouring the clouds on the horizon in bright colours. He thought this the most appropriate setting: the start of a new day, August the Third. From his side he took a large notepad bound in a leather cover, and on the first page he wrote his title.

Twenty Years of my Life, Fifty Years of my Survival, and Today.


Gahil’s Love

He lay down awkwardly, it was uncomfortable, the ground was rough rock with sharp stones pinching into his skin. He remembered years ago when it was all soft turf, and began to write his memory of it, then crossed it out.

“I shan’t begin with my childhood memories. I’ll start at the beginning of my life and work through it.” he thought, so he wrote.

“So it began, the first days and years of my life, as all of our lives do. I, Aezin Hambel Burok, was born.”

He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to remember. All of a sudden the memories came flooding back. All at once, Aezin wished he’d forgotten again.

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