“There is no body upon this planet who is completely free; most people have daemons, some people are bound by their religion or their faith, although it is not a bind which they dislike.  Some people have family, friends, lovers, animals, even houses and belongings which bind them, some people lack those and this also limits them.  No one on this entire earth, no matter how much or little money, how many or how few of their kin, how deep or shallow in religion, is free.  But in knowing our imprisonment, in knowing that we are held, captive, bound, chained, forced, or kept here, we can begin to dream of what we might be, and understand what true freedom is.

How can a person be free?  There is no way on earth.  To be free is to be without limitations, whatever they are, including time and opportunity.  Everyone is free in some ways, you are free to choose whether you will eat stake and chips or fish and chips, you are free to choose whether to drive or walk down the road, you are free to choose how to write, with a pen or with a typewriter, or even a computer, but in the freedom of those choices you are bound yourself; you need to eat in order to survive, you would only walk or drive down the street because you have to, you would write because it is required of you.  Freedom is an illusion, like to peace.  They are desires, something which will never come but people always strive towards.  Without one, or the other, or both, what are we living for?

Me, I’m living because I want to.  I choose my life over my death, while I know I am bound to die someday, we all do, I want to live now, living in the dream that someday there will be peace and freedom.  I’m living because it is right.”


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