Excerpt from Yaru – Har Capitals

Bengin told Yaru there were once three great capitals in Har: what was now called the Har Harbour was once one, Har City was the current capital, and there was one further out to sea called Harishma, the first capital. While Harishma was the first capital, it was ill-placed on a promontory on the northern-edge of Har nearby a woodland called Rogun. The city slept peacefully for almost a hundred years, then one day a terrible storm came and struck the city harder than anywhere else in Har. The entire city was abandoned for fear of the peoples either drowning or else being struck by lightning, but in the end the whole risen landscape was pulled into the sea, the city and all, leaving no trace nor evidence that the city had ever even existed.

Har Harbour was the next capital, it served as a refuge for the survivors of Harishma. They came further south to the harbour which had long been a port, building it into a great and powerful city, ready to defend Har against all the threats of the ocean. The current capital, Har City, was created long after the peoples retreated to the harbour. During a great war between Har and Dolge they built the camp as a point to feed horses and the soldiers. It was a good three days ride from the harbour, but was conveniently placed where three major roads joint; the High Road, the Grey Road, and an unnamed road from the Har Harbour to the Graveyard of Illé Nirl. Setting the city here proved not only a great refuge for the weary traveller but added defence as it proved an obstacle for necromancers headed for the graveyard, bandits coming from the High Road, and marching enemies who often took the Grey Road. Not long after it was constructed, the king moved there and named the city Har, though to save confusion maps and common folk called it Har City.


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