Of My People, There Are Many

I wanted to have a go at posting something like episodic fantasy, so I might post a chapter a month or something for you to read. I don’t yet know the story, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s going to be an introduction to my fantasy creatures, realm, and ideas.  So before I show you the realm and the creatures in action, I thought I’d introduce you to a few of the peoples you are likely to meet and some places you are likely to see or read about.

Creatures: The creatures I am going to introduce you to now are the Grulf, Daesir, and Astral-Spirits, who are some of the more commonly featured races in my fantasy, but are not the only ones and are not always used.

Lands: The lands I’ll introduce you to are Illé Nirl, Har, Dolge, and Zhar.

Some more lands and creatures may be introduced later in a different post like this one, otherwise just generally introduced in the story.  Some others you may hear of will include Malur (which will definitely not be featured), Lizzands, Half-Avians, Harabians, Riveldar, Utrelm, and Mohgani, just to name a few so you know I’m not making them up as I go along. 😉


Grulf: Humanoid creatures which are the only known humanoids asides from a few fiends to have originated in Illé Nirl.  Grulf are divided into three separate ‘species’: the Common Grulf, Wild Grulf (also known as Silver Grulf) and Dolgar Grulf (also known as Dark Grulf).  The Common Grulf were found and began life in the north and southern regions of Illé Nirl, appearing as if from the earth itself.  They stand at an average height of three to five foot tall and have supernatural strength when compared to their size, matching that of similarly built (though taller) humans.  Because they were found as if appearing from the earth they are often associated with moles and mining, but there is no evidence to support this claim as they are no finer nor more keen on mining than humans.  What they are renowned for is their ironmongery, having created their own metal known as Grulf Iron which is strong, heavy, blackish in colour and immune to rust or corrode.  Grulf Iron is only forged by Common Grulf and Dolgar, though it is one of the strongest known metals it cannot be reshaped after being heated and is so difficult to forge many of the items produced of it appear to have a rippling effect where it has been pulled or hammered too extensively.  Common Grulf fortresses include the hidden city Khemenem, North Hammer the capital of North-Western Illé Nirl, and Baerukk Zaew the mountain city.  They are the primary residents and the rulers of Zhar and Giuleshire.

Wild or Silver Grulf are a nomad Grulf who originated in the lowlands of North-Eastern Illé Nirl.  They are neither peaceful nor hating of any humanoids, save the other Grulf.  Because of their wars between the other Grulf peoples the Wild Grulf are hostile towards most allies, but rarely seek conflict.  Generally the Wild Grulf are smaller than Common Grulf, their average height is two to four foot tall.  They also lack the ironmongery skills of Common Grulf, but make up for this with their resourcefulness and their capabilities with raw materials.  They are some of the only humanoids without marked settlements on maps, occupying deserted havens and cities or else keeping to their own barricaded settlements from previous wars.  The Wild Grulf assume tribes and occasionally have wars against other tribes.  The name Silver Grulf came from the Wild Grulfs’ characteristic silvery skin.

The Dolgar or Dark Grulf are the residents of Dolge.  They are the only Grulf who are openly hostile and aggressive towards most humanoids, including humans themselves and both other species of Grulf.  They consider themselves a pure breed of Grulf and others unworthy to rule.  They are a similar height and stature to Common Grulf but their range of height is far greater; recorded Dolgar Grulf have stood from little below two foot up to little below seven foot tall.  They have similar ironmongery skills as Common Grulf, but lack the tactics of the Common Grulf on the battlefield, considered unnaturally unintelligent by nature.  To aid their disadvantage they often seek the leadership of other creatures.

Daesir: A race of humanoid creature who came to Illé Nirl on ships the same as humans.  They reside across all of Illé Nirl though they never seemed to stray far from the western regions where they live in the largest numbers.  They are one of a few creatures considered to be immortal, immune to the effects of age like humans and other creatures.  Though even Grulf had extended lifespans and could easily live beyond two hundred, the Daesir are one of only a few races who have survived for thousands of years.  Their appearance is similar to humans, though as far as their aesthetics go age does not effect them past twenty or thirty years, though their hair and fingernails will continue to grow, though more slowly than a human’s.  They stay strong and intelligent through older age and they are renown for being beautiful beyond humans, though few can say the truth of this when met with one.  All Daesir have magic unlike to humans who only a few of can harness magic, and have even founded some spells and magical objects.  They dislike humans and humanoid creatures’ interference with the natural world, appreciating life much more than humans in all its forms.  It is said when they came to Illé Nirl that they vowed only to take what they needed to survive and otherwise what was provided by nature; fallen branches rather than cut for example.  Their dislike of humans also came from humans who thought Daesir suspicious and snobbish, remarking them cruelly and even waging war at times gone by.  Nowadays the Daesir are at peace with humans, though a few still treat Daesir without respect or decency.

Astral-Spirits: The first humanoid creature to come to Illé Nirl and rumoured to be the first to have lived.  These creatures are formed of pure magic, untouched by the humanoid creatures magic did not take the form of fire or lightning, instead remained a pure matter invisible in small quantities as humans and Daesir used but clustered together created the Astral-Spirits.  They are spirits alike to others of the realm and are not physically capable to touch or be touched by anything solid, instead limited to the use of magic.  They are also speechless although some studies and reported cases have suggested that they can communicate with each other and other magical beings, as well as a few reports of mental communication.  Their images are humanoid except their lower limbs which assume the form of an upturned flame, the matter of which is a deep blue as is the colour of magic.  It is said to appear almost motionless and fading into the aether where the tip of the flame would be.  Astral-Spirits do not assume attire, naked and their bodies are the same deep blue-black, mixed with the colours of the universe which their bodies reflect.  Therefore their very bodies are never still, instead shimmering with light which would twist and hurl like a mirror of the universe.

Though they are humanoid in appearance, they are without gender and do not reproduce.  They lack emotion which other humanoids show including fear and misery, but aim to achieve what they deem as right.  They do not understand nor engage in any form of sexual activities nor do they feel pleasure or happiness.  They are bald and some people have reported the spirits taking a more womanly than manly form, and vis versa.  Their base blue flame will never burn but gave a chilling feeling when touched and could light a room as well as any red fire.  It is described as a rather refreshing and pleasant feeling, but something otherworldly.  Astral-Spirits came from the Astral-Plain, a land between the earth and the universe first believed to be the blue of the sky by day.  From the surface of Illé Nirl, the plain is completely invisible save on certain days and with certain conditions (the moon, stars, sun, time of year). The plain has only been travelled to by a select few humanoids, including the first magician.  It is reported to be made entirely from the same raw magic as the Astral-Spirits, which are said to return to the land when they die and new Astral-Spirits are built of it when one is dew to be born, thus they have no need for reproduction and their population remains consistent, never growing nor declining.  The land was covered with rivers and waterfalls of the matter, thin transparent paths and strange, disc-like islands which sparkled like the universe.  The water which fell down towards the earth faded away into the aether, supposedly transforming into the magical particles which mages used.  The plain is too high for clouds, able to see the universe from its surface regardless of the time of day.  It is airless and those few who have travelled their needed to aid of the spirits to survive.

The Astral-Spirits are transparent, can fly and cannot walk on the physical land, and can move through objects including creatures.  How the Astral-Spirits die is unclear.


Illé Nirl: Refers to the continent of kingdoms collectively and also nearby islands.  It is a large continent in the western world, which is often believed to be the last mainland of the sea.

Har: The kingdom and empire which dominated Illé Nirl.  The kingdom was once part of an empire which ruled over most of Illé Nirl save a few kingdoms in the north and Zhar, now it is reduced to four kingdoms: Har is one of the kingdoms of the empire, Giuleshire is another, the Har Desert is in Eastern Illé Nirl, and the kingdom called Turge was also part of the empire.  Har, also called the Har Plains, is a mountainous kingdom which mostly consists of plains and fields.  The people of Har are primarily humans but also Common Grulf, Daesir, Brult, and Half-Avians live in large numbers.  It is considered the main kingdom of Illé Nirl, along with Zhar.  According to a prophesy claimed by the Elder scholar Tùrillyn ‘Whoever shall rule Har, Zhar, and Saeluinn at one time could, and will, control all the earth.’  To this day no single leader has ruled all three kingdoms, though they are at peace with each other.

Dolge: A kingdom bordered by Har and the Dolge Sea, in comparison to Har Dolge is only a fraction of the size.  It is surrounded by a natural U shaped mountain range, any gaps in the range covered by massive volcanic stone walls which were naturally coloured a glossy black.  The kingdom was once part of the Har Empire until it was taken by Dolgar Grulf.  Now it is considered a wasteland and of no threat nor use to Har, so has been left for the Grulf, though it occasionally poses a threat when the Grulf raise an army.  It is a bountiful and prosperous land, the rumours of it as wasteland are false, rich in metal deposits and fruits of the land.  Naturally inhabiting creatures include game, deer, elk, bears, black panthers, giant spiders, and elementals as well as once being home to dragons.  There are only two gates in the mountain range which open into the kingdom; the Derë Gate in the north-west and Shiaki in the northern corner.  It is rumoured to be a land of darkness and ash, though in reality it is very beautiful and plentiful with plant life.  It also mostly consists of plains as Har does.

Zhar: Also called the ‘Southern Kingdom’ in Western Illé Nirl, Zhar is a kingdom primarily of Common Grulf and is considered the strongest military kingdom in Western Illé Nirl, though not the largest or the most commonly fought for as Har is.  It borders three kingdoms in its northern bounds and three seas in the south; Har is directly north of it, to the north-east is the kingdom called Nah, and west is Turge.  East of Zhar is the sea called Cath’ih Sotgaor, to the west of the southern edge of the kingdom is the Saeluinn Sea, and directly south is the Great Sea which meets both of the others.  Zhar is described as a snow desert; it is a low lying kingdom compared to Har but no less mountainous with taller and wider mountains.  It has only one woodland in the south-western corner against the sea and most of the region is frozen, even during the summer.  The exceptions to the extreme cold are the northern region which borders with Har (typically the first snows are met just south of Baerukk Zaew, the capital of Zhar which lies two and a half days walk from the edge of Har), a region called Little Rsad, and Swefalm Marm, a small stretch of wasteland on the south-eastern corner of the kingdom.  The tundra is vast, almost twice the size of Har, and has the fewest settlements per square mile of any other kingdom.


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